Joan Bayén Pérez to posthumously receive the Gold Medal for Civic Merit

The Full Council unanimously agreed to award the Gold Medal for Civic Merit posthumously to Joan Bayén Pérez, in recognition of his work at the head of the iconic Pinotxo bar at the Mercat de la Boqueria.

28/04/2023 17:20 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Joan Bayén Pérez (Barcelona, 1934), also known as Juanito, was for many years the life and soul of the Pintoxo bar at the Mercat de la Boqueria in Barcelona, a historic establishment which first opened in the 1940s, when Bayén’s mother rented a bar at the market.

At the age of eight Joan Bayén was already helping his mother at the Quiosc bar, which the regulars ended up dubbing the Pinotxo bar after the name of the dog which accompanied the boy and referred to the film released at that time.

Bayén’s mother was a pioneer in preparing food and over the years she extended the bar and the menu. She added new dishes which have formed part of the gastronomy of Barcelona and which attracted customers looking for classic everyday fare: trinxat, head and hoof, chick peas and tripe.

Joan Bayén became a local symbol with his classic waiter image, always well turned out with a waistcoat and bowtie. Always ready with a smile, he served from the bar at the Pinotxo representing the idea of a friendly and welcoming Barcelona.

In 2022, the market’s Council of the Wise, which recognises the professional paths of outstanding figures in the world of gastronomy in Barcelona and Catalonia, paid tribute to Joan Bayén for his work at the market over the last 80 years. The market also organised recognition for him to mark his 88th birthday.