Speeding up the investment plan to expand and improve the groundwater network

The change in the stage of the drought protocol brings approval for a new municipal decree that will help speed up various investment projects and increase the groundwater available to the city by 20%.

06/02/2024 13:40 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The declaration of the emergency stage of the drought protocol prohibits the use of safe water for cleaning public space and watering. The City Council has started the plan to adapt municipal services to the new situation.

Seven actions planned for this term of office will now be started between March and September with the change in the stage of the protocol. In all, these will add 0.2 cubic hectares of water which can be used for watering and street cleaning.

Network of water trucks

In this emergency stage, urban cleaning continues to be carried out using groundwater only. The water is used to clean streets, sewerage, paving, façades and similar elements. A fleet of 28 water trucks distribute groundwater to smaller cleaning vehicles which operate citywide.

Subsistence watering is also being extended. So far, channelled groundwater has been used to water 25 green spaces. A further 125 areas are now being added and will be watered with non-safe water, with more spaces expected to be added.

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