Cooperation for global justice backs human rights and feminism

With more of a feminist perspective and the firm defence of human rights, the new Barcelona Master Plan on Cooperation for Global Justice 2023-2026 aims to improve the strategic organisation and coherence of municipal cooperation policies in the next four years. The document has been initially approved by the Full Council.

31/03/2023 14:48 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The new plan, which consolidates the cooperation model with a municipal and democratic focus, is structured into five areas identifying the strategy for the next four years:

  • right to the city and democratic governance
  • feminist cooperation
  • cooperation based on human rights
  • broadband cooperation
  • policy coherence

The proposal follows on from the Master Plan on Cooperation for Global Justice 2018-2021. It has been drafted based on an assessment of the previous roadmap and through a participatory process for reflection and debate between the different stakeholders involved in its implementation.

The feminist perspective will be present in the dialogue with the priority cities identified for direct cooperation, as well as action on education for global justice in Barcelona and the international sphere.

In terms of the human rights perspective, the plan will particularly address issues linked to the protection of children’s rights, the promotion of environmental sustainability and ecological and climate justice, the recognition of the rights of peoples and the application of an anti-racist and decolonial perspective in public policy on cooperation.

Geographical continuity and the inclusion of Kyiv

Regarding geographical priorities, work will continue in the same areas and the main goal will continue to be the resolution of urban problems.

In addition to the14 priority cities in the same regions (Mediterranean and the Middle East, South Africa and the Sahara, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, South America), the city of Kyiv will also be included. Priority will also be given to stateless peoples such as the Palestinians, the Saharis, the Kurds and indigenous peoples, who are at risk of rights violations and persecution for political reasons, as well as diasporas.

The commitment to devote 0.7% of the City Council’s own resources to official development aid will be maintained for the duration of the new master plan.



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