Extending extra-curricular cultural and artistic activities to all

Two new collaboration and support agreements have been signed to help extend extra-curricular activities in culture, arts, science, technology and music to all. The agreements were signed with the Federation of Associations of Families of Students in Catalonia (AFFAC), and with the Federation of Associations for Parents of Students Supported with Non-University Public Funding (FAPAES).

31/10/2022 09:10 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The AFFAC and the FAPAES bring together most families with children at publicly run schools in the city, covering infants, primary and secondary. These agreements mean families’ associations not only get backing and support but form part of the municipal strategy to link culture and education to promote equal opportunities in the right to cultural participation.

The agreement allows the City Council and organisations to coordinate and fund projects for extra-curricular afternoon activities in the spheres of culture, science and arts. Besides 80,000 euros in funding from the City Council, municipal backing also comes in the form of advice, facilitation, information and support.

The hope is that the agreements will strengthen federations of family associations in the city, gradually get associations actively involved at municipal schools, create and strengthen coordinators, lead to personalised programmes with an intercultural perspective, and generate support from family associations where there is a demand from the Directorate for Education.

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