Escola Sant Felip Neri is to remain in its current location

Escola Sant Felip Neri will remain in its current location thanks to the agreement, through the Barcelona Education Consortium, with the owners of its buildings, with whom a twenty-year lease been signed and a compulsory acquisition avoided. In addition, two new spaces have been included: Casa del Gremi dels Sabaters and the convent’s ground floor, thanks to which the school will gain up to 1,133 square metres of space.

31/07/2023 16:06 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Under the agreement, the centre will open as a secondary school on 6 September, with the convent’s current facilities, while the owners will have to have put the new spaces at the disposal of the Consortium by 1 June 2024 at the latest, though they may well be handed over before that date.

The adaptation of the new spaces will require an investment of four million euros, which the City Council will fund, the Consortium will guarantee compliance of the functional requirements for carrying out teaching activities in the new facilities and the commission for the project’s design will be put out to tender.

The coming weeks will see the Government Commission agreeing to the suspension of the Special Urban Development Plan, which was to establish the public ownership of the facility and its compulsory acquisition.

The school will be integrated into the public network in the coming school year (2023-2024) in accordance with Executive Decree 10/2019, of 28 May, on the process for integrating schools into Catalan government’s ownership.

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