New schools to boost the public education system for the 2021-2022 school year

The 2021-2022 school year will see the city’s public education system boosted by a new primary school, a new secondary school and three all-through schools. The total number of school places offered will adapt to the anticipated drop of 5.9% in demand for places in the entry year for infant education (P3). This will allow class rations to be adjusted to an average of 23.5 children in P3 and between 27 and 30 children in secondary school.

22/02/2021 17:17 h

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Initial offer of P3 places

New pupils entering their first year of infant schooling (P3) are expected to number 11,751. The initial offer of places is 13,709, distributed around 176 publicly run schools (with 273 classes) and 151 state-subsidised private schools (with 292 groups).

  • 6,409 places in publicly operated schools.
  • 7,300 places in state-subsidised private schools.

A new change this year means group capacities will be reduced by school fulfilment areas, meaning that schools in areas with a high percentage of socially vulnerable people will have between 20 and 22 pupils per class; those in zones with a big drop in students will get groups of between 22 and 24 pupils, and the rest will have 25 pupils (48.3%). All classes in publicly operated schools will be maintained, although there will be 870 fewer pupils enrolled than the previous school year.

The next school year will see an increase of 100 public places for P3 schooling in the district of L’Eixample, with the three state-subsided private schools switching to the public network: the Marillac, Sagrada Família and Sagrat Cor. Two additional groups have also been created to meet schooling needs, one at the Escola Gayarre, in Sants-Montjuïc, and the other at the Institut Escola El Til·ler, in Sant Andreu.

Initial offer of secondary school places

There will be 14,565 places in secondary schools for the 2021-2022 academic year, distributed around 209 centres, 75 of them public and 134 of them in state-subsidised private schools.

  • 5,685 places in publicly operated schools.
  • 8,880 places in state-subsidised private schools.

New schools will start operating for the next school year. One is the Institut Angeleta Ferer, in L’Eixample, with two first-year classes in secondary schooling. The school should have three classes per school year from the following year and will be the first school of its type in Catalonia specialising in science and technology.

Elsewhere, the former Escola Taxonera, in the district of Horta-Guinardó, will become the Institut Escola Mirades, with two new first-year groups (secondary school). In addition, of the state-subsidised private schools belonging to the Fundació Escola Vicenciana and switching to the public system, two provide secondary education.

In all, 490 first-year groups will be opened in secondary schools around the city, nine fewer than last year as at present there are fewer pupils in their final year of primary school.

Pre-registration campaign

This year’s pre-registration process will be completely online, running from 15 to 24 March for pupils in infant and primary education, and from 17 to 24 March for pupils in compulsory secondary education.


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