A plan and an investment of millions of euros for revitalising the economy in Nou Barris

Boasting a budget of over twenty million euros, the 2021-2024 Economic and Commercial Development Plan for the Nou Barris district aims to re-launch and strengthen the local economy and commerce and reclaim the potential the area offers.

02/04/2021 10:18 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The 2021-2024 Economic and Commercial Development Plan for the Nou Barris district consists of two distinct sets of measures. On the one hand, initiatives for transforming the district’s productive reality and, on the other, specific initiatives aimed at commerce in the various neighbourhoods.

Measures for economic reactivation in the context of the COVID-19 crisis

To promote economic initiatives and launch new ones, the Nou Barris Economic Activity Assistance Point will be encouraging entrepreneurship among the city’s youth, exploring lines of collaboration with the area’s companies for fostering employment for young people and implementing a strategy to revitalise closed ground-floor premises.

There will be extra occupational services for enabling job placements in the district and extra assistance from the XARSE service under the Neighbourhood Plan and measures for social and vocational integration in the Les Roquetes, Torre Baró and Ciutat Meridiana neighbourhoods.

Boost to local commerce

Shops will be given advice on the digital transition and improving their premises, and the associations movement and empowerment of women as business people promoted. The REC citizen currency will be given an impetus and the urban section improved to promote a more attractive commercial experience.

More digital profiles

To reduce the digital gap, Cibernàrium de Barcelona Activa will be promoting careers in science and technology at the district’s schools and offering specific training relating to the technology sector.

The 9Btech project’s implementation will help to drive a sustainable and technological urban eco-system, by reactivating the use of vacant spaces, and encourage companies in the area of technology to set up their headquarters in Nou Barris.

Social and solidarity, green and circular economy

The Nou Barris Economic Activity Assistance Point will be beefing up its advice for entrepreneurial projects and social- and solidarity-economy organisations.

The Vallbona neighbourhood will become a Barcelona urban agroecology and sustainable food hub.

Cultural and creative events

The district will be strengthening its range of diversified urban art, to become a benchmark in the world of graffiti, and varying its range of cultural offers with activities of interest to attract residents from other districts over to Nou Barris.

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