Public-sector charges to remain frozen in 2023

Current rates for municipal services and facilities will not increase in 2023. Despite the increase in the CPI, tickets to the zoo, the Tibidabo Amusement Park and the Park Güell will cost the same as last year. The rates for services such as Bicing and Endolla Barcelona will not increase either, despite the increase in electricity prices.

28/12/2022 13:46 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

With the goal of ensuring that certain population groups continue to have access to the various municipal public services in the current situation of uncertainty, 2022 rates will also be maintained for district facilities such as civic centres, toy libraries, neighbourhood centres, youth centres and centres for the elderly, as well as services offered by the Area for Social Rights, such as the home-care service, social meals, nursing homes, assisted housing and day centres for the elderly.

As for the Urban Ecology Area, in 2023 new tax breaks will come into effect for organisations that apply measures to reduce single-use plastics: a 10% rebate will be applied in addition to those already in place, conditional upon eliminating or reducing the use of plastic within the framework of the Barcelona Zero Plastic Commitment. Furthermore, economic activity in areas where an individualised waste collection system has been implemented, such as “Door to Door” or smart bins, will enjoy a  15% rate reduction if they meet certain minimum recycling standards.

In sports facilities run by the Barcelona Institute of Sports (IBE) and the districts, fees for schools, clubs, and athletic organisations will not be raised either and special prices will continue to be offered for the most sensitive population groups (large families, single-parent families, individuals with functional diversity, Pink Card holders, users of social service, unemployed individuals, refugees, participants in extracurricular activities, Campus Olímpia or sports centre participants, etc.). Membership dues will be raised, but only by 3%.

Meanwhile, a public-sector charge has been created to offer the shared municipal self-consumption service. This service consists of being able to enjoy 500 W of energy generated, maintained and operated by City Council throughout the year for €70. These 500 W may mean savings of up to 25% on a household’s electric bill, which cold be €200 a year. For vulnerable individuals, this service is free of charge.