Purchase of two residential blocks in Esquerra de L’Eixample and El Raval approved

The Government Commission has approved the purchase of two residential buildings in Esquerra de L’Eixample and El Raval, with twenty homes between them. The purchase is being made by exercising the right to first refusal and involves an overall investment of 4.6 million euros with the cost of renovation included.

28/04/2023 12:49 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The building in L’Eixample is located in C/ Consell de Cent, between C/ Calàbria and C/ Viladomat. It has eleven homes, all with tenants, two of them with guaranteed low rents established in the past. The building is being purchased for 1,865,340 euros, with the cost of renovation 547,794 euros.

The other building, in C/ Hospital in El Raval, has nine homes. Four of these are occupied by vulnerable families. The purchase follows an agreement between the City Council and the owners of the building, the Blackstone fund, to regularise the families living there.

The other five flats are unoccupied and will be added to the city’s social housing rental pool. In this case, the purchase price is 2,095,000 euros, with the amount needed for renovation 148,490 euros.


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