11.6 million euros for reserved social contracts

A total of 11.6 million euros was used for reserved social contracts in 2021, some 10% more than the planned amount of 10.5 million. Annual goals and monitoring through the Commission for Sustainable Public Procurement are increased every year, and for 2022 the minimum quantity has been set at 11 million euros. This type of procurement strengthens social policies, creates labour insertion opportunities for people with special difficulties and boosts the promotion of the social economy in the city.

03/07/2022 12:09 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The 11.6 million euros was spread across 545 contracts, the bulk of the resources coming from the districts and the areas of the City Council as follows: Manager’s Office for Resources (389,000 euros), the District of Ciutat Vella (326,000 euros), the Manager’s Office for Urban Ecology (326,000 euros), the District of Les Corts (over 218,000 euros) and the District of L’Eixample (211,000 euros).

In terms of municipal companies and bodies, the main contributions came from the Municipal Institute of Parks and Gardens (4.1 million euros in reserved social contracts) and TERSA (1.4 million). These were followed by Barcelona Activa (954,000 euros), BSM (379,000 euros) and the Natural Science Museum Consortium (129,000 euros).

Reserved social contracts are only open to special work centres for social initiatives (CETIS) and labour insertion companies (EI), which work for the labour insertion of people with disabilities and people with labour insertion difficulties.

The percentage for reserved social contracts was set at a minimum of 10.5 million euros in 2021, in line with current legislation, which obliges entities to set a minimum percentage for awarding contracts to special work centres for social initiatives and labour insertion companies that meet the requirements in the corresponding regulations.



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