Reconceiving the Guitard play library to improve its accessibility

The Nexe Fundació designed the winning project in the challenge launched by Digital Future Society and the City Council’s Commissioner for 2030 Agenda to improve universal accessibility at the Ludoteca Guitard, a local play library in the district of Les Corts. The project entails multi-sensory rooms and digital support tools, reconceiving the play library as a space where tech plays a crucial support role to adapt tools and games, creating a space for children with any sort of disability (physical, intellectual, visual, aural, mental health disorder) to play with no barriers.

12/05/2022 15:28 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona


The Nexe Fundació proposal for a digital play library for all sets out a change for the centre to ensure the successful implementation of tech through socially innovative participatory action. Through adapted toys, interactive whiteboards, interactive projectors with different games, music and activities, multi-sensory rooms and digital support tools, the idea is to capture all the current needs of the play library and offer a space free of barriers. In addition, the project seeks to get the community, parents, relatives and children’s tutors all involved.

The project will get funding of up to 40,000 euros, thanks to economic backing from the district of Les Corts and the IMPD, which has provided advice and support throughout the process. Support will also be given in coordinating and carrying out the project, in joint funding and the possibility of testing the solution in a real environment.

Part of the InnovAcció 2030 programme, the challenge attracted 23 proposals from eight different countries (Spain, USA, UK, Israel, France, Slovenia, Croatia and Switzerland), which address communicative accessibility from different perspectives.

All the projects went through an assessment process in three stages, through to the selection of the winning project by a committee of experts from the Digital Future Society, Barcelona City Council (through the Commissioner for 2030 Agenda), the district of Les Corts and the Municipal Institute for People with Disabilities (IMPD).

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