Barcelona LGBTI Centre turns four

The Barcelona LGBTI Centre becomes firmly established as a leading space for information, facilitation, guidance and primary support for LGBTIQA+ people and those close to them. Four years after it opened, nearly ninety thousand people have taken part in the activities organised at this municipal facility.

18/01/2023 18:03 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Last year brought the signing of a new agreement for the civic management of the centre by the Platform for LGBTI  Organisations in Catalonia, allowing for better support and services offered by the LGBTI Centre with the introduction of a second social worker and the enlargement of the reception area, coupled with a budget of 2.3 million euros until 2025.

Reception service for LGBTI people

The Reception Service at the centre attended to 450 people last year. Procedures relating to foreigner status and asylum, requests about basic needs and benefits and psychological advice accounted for almost 50% of enquiries. Of all those attended to, 422 cases were referred to legal and psychological advice services at the centre for trans people.

The reception service has attended to 1,637 people since the centre opened.

Programme of activities at the centre

The facility also offers a broad range of options for culture and associations which over the last four years has brought together nearly 90,000 people. Meetings for LGBTI organisations, workshops, training, round tables, exhibitions, film screenings, citizen celebrations and concerts all form part of the programme at the centre.


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