LGBTI Pride in Barcelona: activities in every neighbourhood

Two key day events in the fight for LGBTI rights are being held in May and June: International Day against LGBRI-phobia and International LGBTI Pride. Barcelona is joining the protest and celebratory events with a wide programme that includes the LGBTI Centre’s Party, the Pride Concert and activities organised by the city’s districts and museums to continue championing sexual and gender diversity.

13/05/2023 10:50 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The activities being held around the LGTBI community in May and June include exhibitions, parties, concerts, guided tours, workshops, talks and screenings not just at the Barcelona LGTBI Centre but also at several of the city’s public spaces, facilities and museums. The highlight of the programme will be on 28 June, with the concert Pride concert performed at Moll de la Fusta wharf.

This year’s posters bringing life, colour and the strength of protest to the activities are the work of the Lithuanian artist Egle Zvirblyte. This illustrator’s creations are noted for their brilliance and colour, strikingness and irreverence, featuring a strong presence of themes such as identity, transformation, human connection and women’s power. The illustrations making up the various posters she has designed for the city, which also feature Arauna Studio designs, show a Barcelona in fighting spirit committed to defending the rights and freedoms of the LGBTI collective.

Neighbourhood Pride

The LGTBI Pride celebrations will be reaching every district through a series of activities for celebrating and championing sexual, affective and gender diversity in streets, squares, libraries and community centres, among other spaces. Some eighty activities including concerts, guided tours, drag workshops, performing-arts festivals, parties, talks, podcast recordings and screenings of documentaries will all be part of the Neighbourhood Pride programme, not to mention events as strongly rooted as the Karmel Pride Festival, the La Trini Pride and the Class Pride in Nou Barris.

The wide range of activities results from the efforts made by organisations, associations and facilities working day after day to defend LGBTI rights and fight against LGBTI-phobia in the community’s area, on a local level and through participation.

Museum pride

A year on and several of the city’s museums are joining up once again to reinterpret their collections from an LGBTI perspective. Their exhibitions, guided tours and workshops offer an approach based on sexual, affective and gender diversity in such areas as nature, sports and artistic creation.

Pride Concert

International LGBTI Pride Day will be held for the second year running with a big evening concert performed at Moll de la Fusta wharf. The coming days will see audiences getting to know the artists making up an event for defending and celebrating diversity, love, dissidences, diverse corporealities and the LGTBI collective’s pride.

LGBTI Centre Party

Saturday, 20 May marks the LGBTI Centre’s Party, a day of recreational, festive and, at the same time, protest activities, to bring visibility to LGBTI rights and sexual, affective and gender diversity through culture and the performing arts. The day event celebrates International Day against LGBTI-phobia, on 17 May, the day when the World Health Organisation removed homosexuality from its catalogue of mental illnesses, in 1990.

The LGBTI Centre’s Pary will be held in the municipal facility, at the Teatre El Molino and at Sala Paral·lel 62, with the aim of demolishing prejudices through music, dance, photography and many other collective and participatory activities for everyone.

  • Barcelona LGBTI Centre (C/ Comte Borrell, 22): from 11.30 am to 2 pm, the activities will be aimed at a family public and held in the facility and in C/ Comte Borrell, along the section between C/ Parlament and C/ Marquès de Campo Sagrado. There will be two guided tours of the “Cora” photographic exhibition, by Gabo Caruso; a hood-making workshop run by the artist Tropidèlia, and a communal lunch organised by Kleo la Faraona, not to mention other activities.
  • Teatre El Molino (C/ Vilà i Vilà, 99): the party will move to the theatre from 6 pm on, with contemporary dance performances by Patricia Caballero and Alberto Cortés. The show will conclude with the cabaret singer Glòria Ribera, whose fusions reclaim the legacy of Av Paral·lel’s historical cabarets. Tickets will cost 5 euros and places are very limited.
  • Sala Paral·lel 62 (Av Paral·lel, 62): the party will continue from 8.30 pm on with various dance and music activities, featuring artists such as L’Beel, Kora and Pandawaack, and conclude with DJ Juanmi Entrelanas. Tickets to this space will cost 5 euros and can be purchased here.


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