More public housing with affordable rents in La Verneda i la Pau

Building work gets under way on a public housing development with affordable rents in C/ Lola Iturbe Arizcuren, in the neighbourhood of La Verneda i la Pau. The project, with an innovative and sustainable design, has a budget of 4.99 million euros and is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2024.

03/01/2023 16:50 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The building in C/ Lola Iturbe Arizcuren will have eight floors, with five flats on each, plus a green rooftop. This was a winning project in a public competition, put forward by the architects Vicente Guallart Furió and Daniel Ibáñez Moreno, along with the construction company ACSA Obras e Infraestructuras, SAU.

The main façade will face C/ José Garrido Gámez, with the main entrance in C/ Lola Iturbe Arizcuren.

A solar greenhouse will be installed on the rooftop to cultivate food, with 45 solar panels and aerothermal systems for the homes, plus tubs for planting small trees.

New construction methods

The new building is one of the six industrialised construction projects resulting from public competitions, designed with the goal of reducing the environmental impact and shortening building times. Thanks to innovative construction methods, the Lola Iturbe project will have a structure made with cross-laminated timber (CLT) and a vertical structure with load-bearing walls also made with CLT.

This new public housing block, developed with industrialised constructions methods, follows in the footsteps of other innovative projects in Barcelona, such as the APROP temporary local housing blocks, two of which have now been completed and provide more than sixty flats in the city.


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