New investment to help the Endolla Barcelona network grow

Endolla Barcelona, the largest network of recharging points in the Spanish state, is set to grow further in the coming months and increase its 600 current points to 3,300, thanks to a new investment of 12 million euros.

05/10/2021 16:08 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

This strategic roll-out will be flexible and able to be scaled up to make it agile and capable of meeting future demand. At the same time, the network will be able to efficiently adapt to the technology of a constantly evolving market. This means that for the moment 1,000 points will be active, with the other 2,300 pre-installed and ready to be activated quickly if needed. The hope is that the 12 million euros in investment will come entirely or partly from European funds.

Homogenous network covering all neighbourhoods

The expansion of the network will also stick to criteria on uniformity, with a balanced distribution of re-charging points around all city neighbourhoods. Endolla Barcelona offers an average of 5,500 recharges a month, although the volume of use has increased by 37% since January 2021 and demand is expected to keep on growing in the coming years. A total of 6,404 recharges were recorded in September.

The network has six recharging points per square kilometre in all neighbourhoods, with a point for every eleven vehicles. It currently offers 100% service availability for speed-charging points (public roads) and 97% for slow-charge points (car parks).