TMB a global leader in diversity, inclusion and gender equality on public transport

A prestigious international award recognises the work and commitment of the metropolitan body in implementing plans to combat harassment and LGBTI-phobia, as well as internal and customer-focused action to promote equal opportunities and non-discrimination.

07/02/2022 15:46 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The jury highlighted the plans to be completed between now and 2025, such as the installation of cameras offering real-time images for all trains on the metro network, the revision of lighting on the premises and finally, during the third quarter of next year, a project for all buses to have online video surveillance systems. The goal is to prevent sexual harassment and LGBTI-phobia on public transport networks

Other notable measures include:

  • Staff training to improve support for public transport users and increase awareness relating to equality and non-discrimination.
  • The promotion of a violet officer, a person specialising in the provision of support in all aspects for victims of any display of gender violence or abuse.
  • Awareness campaigns to combat uncivil behaviour, the goal being to empower victims and warn aggressors about the consequences of their acts.

The recognition of diversity, inclusion and gender equality came from the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), a global non-profit association bringing together all public transport stakeholders, during the MENA Transport Congress and Exhibition, which the organisation is holding in Dubai (UAE).

Public transport with the gender perspective

TMB’s application of the gender perspective is also reflected in other areas of action, such as the development of equality plans, the promotion of action to promote the attraction of female talent, campaigns to promote the visibility of women in jobs traditional associated with men and education workshops to pro mote the inclusion of the gender perspective in the sphere of sustainable mobility.

TMB is developing these policies with the collaboration of leading organisations, such as the Catalan Observatory against Homophobia, which advised on the inclusion of the LGBTI perspective for this project.



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