New tool to unify the analysis of cases with complex social needs

The city’s 39 Social Services centres (CSS) and the Dependency Support Service (SADEP) are using SSM-CAT, a new tool unifying evaluation and analysis criteria to facilitate the exchange of information and referrals between the different municipal services and areas. The tool has already been used to make 12,545 evaluations in cases with complex social needs.

06/12/2022 10:01 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Before using the Self Sufficiency Matrix (SSM-CAT), professionals from Barcelona City Council’s Social Services used conceptual criteria which were not as well defined for analysis or the evaluation of users. Now the application allows for:

  • Working with unified language criteria to make an analysis.
  • Screening and detecting cases with complex social needs more swiftly.
  • Improving monitoring and communication with users.
  • Exchanging information on cases and improving coordination between different teams.
  • Referring cases between the different services and basic areas.
  • Prioritising the allocation of public resources.
  • Anticipating new resources to respond to eventual needs.
  • Improving planning and analysis for groups in need.
  • Greater equity in the provision of services at all centres.

The application measures a person’s self-sufficiency by analysing thirteen categorised aspects of their life at a certain moment and a further four aspects in the case of people responsible for minors. The SSM-CAT tool, promoted by the Government of Catalonia, is a shared application used by professionals from all social services in Catalonia.


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