Municipal facilities for taking up minority sports

The Barcelona Municipality Sports Facilities Map (MIEMB) provides for the need to create and renovate sports facilities to meet the demand of pavilions and specific spaces for performing minority sports, distributed homogeneously throughout the city. More specifically, four new facilities are to be built and five others comprehensively transformed.

11/10/2022 15:01 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The first stage of this Project, now in progress and with a 35.7-million-euro budget, in collaboration with Barcelona Provincial Council, provides for the construction or transformation of four facilities during the 2023-2024 school year to come into service throughout 2025. They are as follows:

  • La Sagrera Municipal Sports Centre: the new centre will have two open swimming pools which are expected to have a retractable roof installed in future, as well as a large solarium, three activity rooms, a large weight-training room and cycling room and two padel courts.
  • Illa Pavilion: the facility will be renovated, providing two triple pavilions available with a total of six courts for playing in at the same time, twice the present capacity.
  • Espronceda Municipal Sports Complex: boasting a triple sports pavilion (PAV3), an archery room, a table-tennis room, a sports room, two artistic gymnastics rooms and a social room, this will be the new headquarters for the city’s minority sports.
  • Municipal Sailing Centre: the centre’s renovation is part of the Olympic Port’s transformation project and includes a comprehensive renovation of the building to increase its range of services on offer, as well as an adaptation of all facilities to efficiency, sustainability and accessibility criteria.

The second stage has a Budget of over 35 million euros and includes initiatives in the following centres:

  • Artesania Municipal Sports Centre: this includes the construction of a swimming pool and a supervised and fitness activities room as well as a triple multi-sports pavilion (PAV3).
  •  La Marina Municipal Sports Centre: a new swimming pool hall is to be built here along with supervised and fitness activities rooms, which will supplement the pavilion’s current offers.
  • Meridiana Sud Municipal Pavilion: this will involve the construction of a triple multi-sports pavilion (PAV3).
  •  Can Felipa Municipal Sports Centre: a new swimming pool (33 × 25 metres), bigger than the current one, will be installed, and the changing rooms and supervised and fitness activities rooms enlarged.
  •  Verneda Municipal Sports Centre: comprehensive renovation work is expected, involving an updating of the facilities and extra supervised and fitness activities.

You will find more detailed information on each facility from the Barcelona Institute of Sports’ website.


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