Agreement to promote more housing, local commerce and green spaces at La Maquinista

Historic agreement to implement an urban model for La Maquinista with more housing, more local commerce and green spaces to foster community life, greater connectivity between neighbourhoods and urban integration. The deal with the promotors, the company URW, halves the planned expansion to the shopping centre from 42,000 to 21,000 square metres, to diversify uses.

16/07/2021 16:22 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The new proposal is the result of three years of work with the promotors to refocus the project from 2015 and prioritise the well-being of local people and neighbourhood life. The approval of a new urban plan will enable the change of model to be implemented.

Housing as a priority

The reduction to the expansion of the shopping centre creates 15,000 square metres of new space for housing compared to the initial project, bringing the total to 65,000 square metres. Specifically, the project will see 812 flats built, 294 of them with official protection.

In addition, the urban plan will include a sector of C/ Potosí to create a further 218 protected homes.

Another 5,000 square metres will be used for offices, co-working spaces and gyms, with 1,000 square metres for local commerce.

Integrated with the local environment

The deal also sets a maximum building height of 17 floors for residential buildings, boosts non-pollutant transport and creates a plot of land for a public facility by the Escola La Maquinista, to separate it from the shopping centre and enable it to be extended.


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