How is La Marina del Prat Vermell being transformed?

The process to turn this industrial environment into a neighbourhood full of community life is moving forward. Projects under way in the neighbourhood include various blocks of public housing, facilities and the Parc de les Tretze Roses, a large green lung which will be ready from the autumn. There are also plans to improve connections with other neighbourhoods in the district of Sants-Montjuïc, the Zona Franca and L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

28/03/2023 14:32 h

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The main projects in progress in La Marina del Prat Vermell are:


Twelve thousand homes will be built in an area of 75 hectares, 6,426 of them with official protection. There are currently three developments under way: two of which are about to be completed (Cal Cisó, 49-59, and Ulldecona, 2-10) and one which is under construction (Acer, 10). These new buildings come in addition to the six blocks already built, with a total of 200 homes, 136 of them publicly owned.


Some local facilities are currently operative: the IES Mare de Déu de la Mercè, the Centre Residencial Esclat, the Casa de la Pagesia and police station for the Mossos d’Esquadra corps. Other facilities to be added will be a municipal nursery school with a capacity for between 100 and 150 infants, a primary healthcare centre, an all-through school, an activity centre for children and teenagers and an economic promotion office.

Green spaces

Work on the neighbourhood’s green lung will be completed in the autumn, with the Parc de les Tretze Roses offering a large space of over 2 hectares, with rest areas, play areas and more than 200 trees. The park will have different interconnecting areas, including a small meadow for play and rest, with a slight slope to facilitate children’s entertainment and other activities. The project includes a second, larger meadow, between two walls of vegetation. This area will also act as a tank for filtering rainwater.

Infrastructures and urban landscape

Urbanisation work has now been completed in streets and green spaces in sector 10, delimited by the streets of Ulldecona, Cal Cisó, Motors, Ascó and Passeig Zona Franca, with work under way in the streets of Ferro, Foc, Cobalt and Plom.

As for infrastructures, La Marina del Prat Vermell will have two environmental systems to save water and energy. One will see the neighbourhood save 20% in energy thanks to a centralised heating and cooling network and the generation of renewable energy in public spaces and buildings. The other will be a groundwater network and urban drainage system to cut the consumption of safe water by more than 25%.

Connection with other neighbourhoods

Autumn brings the conclusion of urbanisation work in the park between Can Clos and La Marina. This urban park will have rest areas and play areas and connect the upper part of Can Clos with the neighbourhood and improve the way the area fits in with the mountain of Montjuïc.

Following a participatory process, the remodelling project for Passeig Zona Franca is now being defined to turn it into a more social street with more space for pedestrians and the promotion of sustainable mobility. A new bike lane and bus lane will connect La Marina del Prat Vermell and the Zona Franca with Ciutat Vella and the city centre.

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