Seven squares revamped in the Gòtic neighbourhood to win them back for local residents

The work in these seven squares will add urban furniture and other elements such as trees. The new designs have been developed from improvement proposals put forward by local people in participatory processes. The goal is for public spaces to be people-centred, balanced with uses by visitors. The transformations should be completed in December.

06/12/2021 11:13 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Following the successful transformation of other squares in Ciutat Vella, such as Pl. Sant Miquel, work is under way to introduce and renew water springs, benches and trees in parts of a further seven squares in the Gòtic neighbourhood. These strategic actions are aimed at putting people and daily life at the centre in public space, fostering the presence of local people.

During lockdown, local residents regained squares and avenues as a place for interaction. The idea is to maintain and build on, balancing it with the use made by visitors.

The seven squares where work is in progress are:

  • Plaça de la Mercè: installation of a drinking fountain, seating (seats and benches) and play elements.
  • Plaça del Pi: removal of bollards and installation of new seating.
  • Plaça Reial: new seating.
  • Plaça de la Verònica: new seating.
  • Pla de la Seu: new seating.
  • Plaça de la Cucurulla: introduction of new trees and new seating.
  • Plaça de George Orwell: installation of a new spring.

Work is expected to be completed in December.

The design for the work is based on improvement proposals put forward by local residents in the Gòtic neighbourhood in various participatory processes, the goal being to foster community life. The opinions of local residents are reflected in the campaign ‘Ciutat Vella, a place to live’, conceived to boost local commerce, promote cultural activity and foster the use of public space and facilities in the district by local people.


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