The transformation of La Rambla speeds up and should be completed in 2027

The timescale for completing the physical, cultural and commercial revamp of the street and regain it as a space for local residents has been halved: three years. The new Rambla will have more space for walking in, more culture for people and an updated infrastructure, offering better connectivity between the Gòtic and Raval neighbourhoods.

16/10/2023 16:28 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The 2024-2027 plan is for work in longitudinal sections which will enable the project to be speeded up.

When the current work is completed in the Colom – Santa Madrona area, the remodelling project will start on the longitudinal sections: the side of the road nearest the Besòs next year, the side nearest the Llobregat in 2025, and the central section in 2026.

From tourist focal point to city corridor

The revamped Rambla will have pavements at least three metres wide, a broader central section to stroll in and three unique spaces (Betlem-Moja, Pla de la Boqueria and Pla del Teatre), plus a traffic lane in each direction restricted to public transport, services, goods and access to parking.

The project includes a specific cultural plan to strengthen and coordinate activity at sixty facilities, associations and cultural organisations in or around La Rambla. For instance, the following steps are planned:

  • Agoras: consolidation of an everyday programme for public space.
  • Cultura Rambla: Coordination with facilities to produce a common agenda.
  • Management of disruptions during the work.

The upgrade to the avenue will also create new commercial opportunities for strengthening and diversifying economic activity and covering the needs of the new Rambla.

Full information on the transformation of La Rambla will be set out at the Espai Rambla, a meeting point in the street where specialist staff will handle queries from local residents, shops and businesses and social and cultural organisations in adjacent neighbourhoods. Information can also be found on this website.

The remodelling of La Rambla will have an overall cost of 55.6 million euros.


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