Terraces in Carrer d’Enric Granados required to close an hour earlier

The goal of the measure is to reduce noise in this street in L’Eixample, where noise levels at night have been found to be excessive. The street is also regarded as saturated with terraces, meaning none of the special permits valid as of 1 January 2022 are to be consolidated.

02/08/2022 17:46 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The other measures in the noise reduction plan for C/ Enric Granados, promoted by the district, are:

  • limits on concerts and events in this street
  • number of modules allowed per terrace limited to 12
  • obligation for chairs and tables on terraces to have silicon feet and for chains to secure elements on terraces to be plasticised
  • adaptation of all permits issued temporarily under the by-law on terraces
  • promotion of specific inspection plans for compliance with these measures
  • cleaning services bolstered to ensure establishments dump glass in containers during the day and not at night
  • introduction of civic officers and staff promoting awareness campaigns, already under way
  • greater presence by the City Police to reduce uncivil behaviour and noise, and to ensure public space is cleared

Establishments affected by the measure to bring closing times forward by an hour will be formally notified, allowing for claims and other considerations to be made. The measures only affect this particular street in L’Eixample.

Pioneering measure in the Spanish state to avoid noise thresholds being exceeded

The plan to cut noise pollution was adopted after results from sound meters showed that permitted decibel levels and consistently exceeded in this street. The plan corresponds to the introduction of Acoustic Pressure Zones during Night Hours (ZATHN).

A pioneering initiative in the Spanish state and available for other districts to adopt, the initiative allows for occasional actions in specific streets and squares where noise levels exceed permitted thresholds at night. It also forms part of the Plan with Measures against Noise Pollution 2022-2030, summarised here.


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