The city’s population continues to grow and reaches 1.7 million

The number of people registered as living in Barcelona rose by 2.6% in 2023, according to the data supplied from the official register and analysed by the Municipal Data Office. The population of foreign nationals increased by 10.4%.

01/06/2024 09:18 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

With 1,702,814 people on its official register, Barcelona has its highest population since 1991. The growth is particularly significant in terms of foreign nationals, standing at 432,556. Today one in four people in Barcelona are foreign nationals. The population of Spanish nationals has also grown slightly, by 0.1%, reversing the negative trend that has dominated since 2015.

Some 43.2% of foreigners living in Barcelona have higher studies, a percentage which is even higher among newly arrived people. Among the 180 nationalities living side by side in the city, besides Spanish nationals, the most common nationalities are Italian, Columbian, Pakistani and Chinese.

More centenarians than ever

Barcelona has a record 1,007 centenarians, with a growth of 10.4%. The vast majority are women, accounting for 83.7%.

The average age of people in the city is 44.4, a figure which remains largely unchanged compared to previous years.

Few births

There were just over 11,000 births in the city in 2023, the lowest figure since 1900 (except for 1939), with no minors living in 78% of Barcelona’s homes.

The most common names given to babies are:

  • Girls: Olivia, Sofia, Julia, Lucia, Martina, Emma, Gala, Ona, Mia and Chloe
  • Boys: Mateo, Liam, Lucas, Leo, Pol, Martí, Max, Bruno, Marc and Biel


Nearly a third of Barcelona’s 676,130 homes are occupied by people who live alone. According to the previous data, the number of homes with foreign nationals has increased, equalling the number of mixed homes at 13.3% and those where all household members are foreign nationals, at 13.29%.


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