The nativity scene in Plaça de Sant Jaume 2022

14/12/2022 13:38 h

Nicolás Alonso Crozet

One of the proposals that can’t be missed at Christmas in Barcelona is the nativity scene in Plaça Sant Jaume. On 16 December will be the first day it can be seen, but it will be a completely different nativity scene from previous years: digital in interactive video mapping format on the façade of the City Hall! Developed by the multidisciplinary studio Onionlab, the nativity scene will be made up of windows that will open to show the different universes inside. Each of these scenes will represent a typical Christmas tradition of the city of Barcelona, and anyone who wants to can participate in its design by interacting live through an application. For example, it will be possible to name the characters in the nativity scene, feed the Tió or write a letter to the Three Wise Men.

The mapping will run until 5 January, every evening from 6 pm until 10 or 11 pm (depending on the day). The different traditions will be presented in four scenes that will follow one after the other in the different projection areas, so that you will enter and exit each of the universes. The 10-minute scenes will be activated one after the other and repeated in a loop. They will be separated by transition pieces, creating a journey in and out of each universe that will add to the spectacular experience. A QR code will be used to interact with the projection.