The Neighbourhood Plan has a positive impact on 65% of residents in 23 neighbourhoods

The Neighbourhood Plan has had a positive impact on 247,877 people, some 65% of the population in the neighbourhoods where it has been implemented. Data show that with the plan now its sixth year, and with 2024 concluding the current period, the number of people who have taken part or benefitted directly from one or more of the initiatives was 111,032, some 30% of the population of these neighbourhoods.

15/03/2023 17:22 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

If taking into account the families that have benefitted indirectly from education projects within schools or labour and work-life balance projects, the figure rises to 136,845 people, some 35% of the population of these same neighbourhoods.

The Neighbourhood Plan has been rolled out in 23 city neighbourhoods since 2017. In all, the plan has seen 1,167 actions implemented, a figure expected to reach 1,400 in 2024.

The overall budget for the programme is 300 million euros, shared between the spheres of education and culture (65 million), social rights (48 million), economic activation projects and employment (31 million), housing (43 million) and investment in public space (113 million).

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