The Solidarity Autumn gets under way with an intercultural perspective

The opening event is a workshop on LGBTI rights with an intercultural perspective on Friday, 1 October. The programme will run until Saturday, 6 November.

01/10/2021 10:01 h

DI Lingüistica

Sant Andreu’s Solidarity Autumn (Tardor Solidària) focuses on the intercultural perspective this year. The concept refers to the commitment to the defence of human rights and basic needs, as well as equality in rights for all people, regardless of their origin, ethnicity and race, cultural or religious beliefs.

As with the rest of Barcelona, the District of Sant Andreu is a diverse and plural area, where people from all walks of life and cultural origins live side by side in neighbourhoods with strong personalities and dynamics which set them aside from others, even though they form part of the same area.

The district and its neighbourhoods therefore constitute a meeting point for a highly diverse socio-cultural range of individuals and groups which make up plural identities. The Interculturality Service in the District of Sant Andreu (SI-SA) is an initiative by the local administration, in line with the BCN Interculturality programme, implemented to foster coexistence in diversity and in social cohesion, within the context in intercultural principles of equal rights and opportunities, the sense of belonging, active participation, recognition of diversity and positive interaction.

In all the neighbourhoods in the district of Sant Andreu, and aimed at all types of public, you’ll find projects in different formats centring on this topic and taking the cross-cutting perspective well into account: talks, workshops, concerts, film forums etc., promoted by the International Cooperation and Solidarity Committee, the Interculturality Service itself and other bodies. Check out the programme for more details on all the activities planned.




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