This year’s Medals of Honour again recognise people’s work in the fight against Covid-19

The 25 medals go to 18 organisations and groups and 7 individuals, awarded according to parity in the case of the latter, with 4 women and 3 men receiving recognition. The medals also recognise work in the spheres of gender violence, local commerce, culture, local activism, sport and people’s rights.

30/11/2021 20:04 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Covid-19 and the pandemic once again feature heavily in the Medals of Honour awarded by the city this year. The medals recognise the work of organisations, groups and individuals in tackling the difficulties resulting from the health situation in 2021.

The awarding of the medals, approved by the full council meeting of 23 July and intended to recognise local people and organisations for developing citizen awareness and civil values through professional and social activity, go to 25 organisations, groups and individuals. Of these, 18 are for groups and organisations, while 7 are for individuals (distributed on the basis of parity, to 3 men and 4 women). Five medals are awarded at a city level, and the other 20 according to proposals from District Councils.

At a city level, the awards recognise the public service vocation of public transport workers and social services staff in such an exceptional scenario as 2021. The awards from districts also recognise the work of groups, organisations and individuals in the fight against Covid-19, with some medals also awarded for wok in spheres such as gender violence, local commerce, culture, local activism, sport and people’s rights.

The five medals awarded at a city level are for:

  • Staff with the Municipal Institute of Social Services (IMSS).
  • Staff with Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB).
  • Catalan Mental Health Federation.
  • Children’s Rights Network.
  • Residències 5+1 coordinator.

At a district level, the awards recognise the work of 20 groups, organisations and individuals, distributed as follows:

Ciutat Vella

  • Staff at the district’s five Primary Healthcare Centres (CAP), not just for their efforts on medical matters, but also for addressing social, economic and community issues.
  • The women’s waterpolo team at the Club Natació Barceloneta, for their sporting merits and the values they convey in favour of women’s rights and freedoms.


  • The organisation Hèlia Dones, for their work in the community, on awareness and empowerment between women who experience gender violence.
  • Irene Beltran, for her local efforts, which have helped make people with functional diversity more visible.

Sants – Montjuïc

  • Lluís Llanas, as chair of the Creu Coberta shopping hub for the last twenty years, and also as vice-chair of Barcelona Comerç.
  • Fundació Mans a les Mans, for their work on the education, training and social and labour integration of children, teenagers and young people in the neighbourhood of La Marina, and in the district, going back over 15 years.

Les Corts

  • Dolors Estivill, for her support for people handling grief, particularly at moments as hard as those caused by the pandemic.
  • The soup kitchen El Pa de Sant Oleguer, for its work going back over twenty years and providing community support for people in vulnerable situations, regardless of their age, origin or religion.

Sarrià – Sant Gervasi

  • Flora Miserachs, an icon of floral art and highly involved in improving the neighbourhood of Sarrià.
  • Teatre La Gleva, for its cultural militance, for helping the neighbourhood and providing an example and encouragement in a scenario as complex as the pandemic.


  • Tres Peons chess club, for its 50 years of history, devoted to the teaching and practice of chess.
  • Víctor Nubla, posthumously, for his work as a musician, theorist, essayist, experimental activist, writer, ideologist, programmer, editor and cultural agitator.

Horta – Guinardó

  • The organisation Carmel Comerç, for its 25 years of work helping to foster local commerce.
  • Community centres in Horta – Guinardó, for their work to strengthen the community and guarantee support for the most vulnerable.

Nou Barris

  • Union of retailers from Pg. Fabra i Puig ‘Fabra Centre’, for their work to strengthen the community, establish mutual support networks and guarantee support for particularly vulnerable people in Nou Barris.
  • Club de Futbol Montañesa, devoted to sports training and education since 1927.

Sant Andreu

  • Magdalena Juvé, for her work at the head of the Associació de Dones Pal·las Atenea and her work in favour of gender equality.
  • Grup d’Amics Gais (GAG), which works to defend LGBTI rights.

Sant Martí

  • Miquel Mateu, for his link with associations in the district and his work on the international promotion of Barcelona.
  • Associació de Veïns i Veïnes de la Verneda – Via Trajana, for its work going back over 60 years and standing up for better conditions for local residents in the area.



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