Three Barcelona companies win awards for work-life balance

The local companies BMAT Music Innovation, Neovital Health and Lymbus Life have won the Barcelona Award to the Innovative Company in the Organisation and Use of Time, in recognition of new formulas for work-life balance and the innovative management of human resources to improve the labour quality of their staff.

21/03/2023 10:32 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Autonomy at work, teleworking and unlimited self-managed holidays are just some of the factors taken into consideration in the Barcelona Award to the Innovative Company in the Organisation and Use of Time. The three winners in this eleventh edition mean a total of 40 companies have now received this municipal recognition for implementing practices to reduce excessive workloads and stress and guarantee their workers’ free time and rest.

BMAT Music Innovators

This company operating in the music industry and authors’ rights was recognised in the category for companies with between 51 and 250 workers. The company introduced a set of measures to facilitate the balance between working hours, personal and family time such as the implementation of a completely flexible timetable, teleworking and a policy on unlimited holidays.

Neovital Health

This laboratory for natural food complements was the winner in the category for companies with between 10 and 50 workers. The business introduced flexible measures such as bringing forward its working hours for the whole workforce, in line with European working hours, as well as a very specific disconnection protocol so that workers are not disturbed during their personal time.

Lymbus Life

The sports communication agency received the award in the category for companies with fewer that ten workers. Positive consideration was given for teleworking, multi-tasking and task-sharing during working hours to allow workers to combine work-life needs and interests. The jury also highlighted listening tools such as a biannual survey to identify new proposals for improvements.

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