TMB opens a new user support point at the Sagrada Família metro station

Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) will be opening a new customer support and information point on 15 March. The new point is in the main foyer of the Sagrada Família metro station (line 5), a pioneering infrastructure given its innovative accessibility solutions. The adapted foyer features direct access from the street, and to platforms for lines 2 and 5 using lifts.

12/03/2021 13:11 h

Districte Eixample

The Sagrada Família support point is TMB’s fourth customer service centre and has been designed with criteria on maximum efficiency and universal accessibility. The centre features SVision technology to help the deaf and hearing impaired who rely on sign language and will be the first to do so in Catalan sign language. The space is also equipped with an inductive loop, connected to the emergency PA system and the individual microphone system to facilitate support for the hearing impaired. The new accessibility resources at the office have been implemented with the help of the Federació de Persones Sordes de Catalunya.

The Sagrada Família office will provide customer service for people with special needs (people with motor, sensory or cognitive disabilities), a service specialising in complaints, claims and challenges, procedures linked to the future T-mobilitat, management and support relating to lost property (coming soon), the promotion of TMB products and tourist products, user training and the promotion of TMB digital solutions such as the TMB App and the corporate website etc.

Remodelled foyer at the Sagrada Família L5 station

TMB finished the remodelling work in the main foyer of the Sagrada Família L5 metro station in February. The work was part of the programme to upgrade and improve the functionality of old or intensively used stations. The project had a budget of 1.4 million euros and has helped improve the flow of people, accessibility, evacuation capacity, comfort and the general sense of security.

The artistic panels in ceramic tiles, created by Pedro Delso and Mauricio Sanguino, have be moved from their various locations and grouped together on the same wall section in front of the turnstiles.


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