Workforce bolstered by 30% in the new contract for cleaning graffiti

The Commission for Ecology, Urban Planning, Mobility and Housing has approved the awarding of the new contract for cleaning graffiti, which comes into effect in January 2024. This is the first time the contract will include urban elements such as benches, plant tubs, springs, building façades and others.

20/09/2023 14:55 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The new contract for cleaning graffiti, eliminating posters and removing signs and other similar elements from public streets and squares has been awarded to FCC Medioambiente – Eurocatalana for the next two years, with the possibility of extending it for a further two years.

The total value of the contract is worth 16 million euros.

Cleaning graffiti from public streets and squares is an important part of the Pla Endreça, launched before the summer. The new contract will allow for a 30% increase in the workforce, reaching 131 workers, with the subrogation of current professionals.

The service cleaned 300,345 square metres of graffiti and daubed paint in 2022, acting on more than 123,000 occasions.


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