A car to fine vehicles blocking bus lanes

Barcelona City Council and Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) introduce a 100% electric car to issue fines for infringements affecting bus lanes. The goal is to avoid unauthorised vehicles using reserved lanes and causing obstacles for buses. The move responds to a long-standing demand by drivers, to ensure a faster and safer service.

04/03/2024 12:16 h

Ecologia Urbana

The main obstacles are cars that stop in bus lanes, forcing buses between 12 and 18 metres long to avoid them. Besides slowing down buses, this practice increases the risk of accidents because of bus drivers having to change lanes, and can also prevent buses from reaching stops for people to get on and off.

Now in a testing stage, the vehicle will be used to fine vehicles that park or wait in bus lanes, offering a system to complement the work of the City Police. The testing stage will last two months, with fines to start being given from May.

When the car detects private vehicles or goods delivery vehicles parked or waiting in bus lanes, it will take photographs and send the images to the Municipal Tax Office to issue the corresponding fine. Fines will range from 60 to 200 euros depending on each case.

The car will circulate around planned routes areas where this type of infringement has the greatest impact on circulation, during bus operating hours. The car has two cameras on board, one with a number-plate reader and another that provides contextual images.

Lanes reserved for public transport in streets

The bus lane is a measure to prioritise public transport in the streets, segregating it from the rest of traffic. The system increases passenger convenience, operating speeds and safety for drivers, improving accessibility at bus-stops and helping to keep services regular. The city currently has a network of 221.8 kilometres of bus lanes.