Spanning more than twenty five years, Barcelona Acció Musical (BAM) has become a festival renowned for discovering emerging talents from all kinds of music from Catalonia and from across the globe. L'Afluent, a mixed cooperative formed by Aïda Camprubí, Artur Estrada, Ikram Bouloum, Miquel Cabal and Sergi Egea, has steered this ship since 2021, a BAM which is defined by its desire to explore new sounds and aesthetics, and give the voice to diverse communities and alternativities, and to bring the city closer to today’s most experimental artists but at the same time most representative ones. 

More than 40 groups fill different stages across the city each year with unique, new and original sounds, always coinciding with La Mercè, the city’s patron saint festival. Each year’s Mercè brings together an extensive programme combining technology and tradition, music and performance arts, mobilising the entire city. In this way, BAM is also structured as a musical celebration profoundly connected with Barcelona. It is one of the emblematic signs of a creative and innovative city.