Poblenou Centre Park

BAU Design College of Barcelona

Type: Installation

Audience: All ages

We are social beings, and the need to feel part of a group, to talk, to hug and share emotions has become patently clear in the last few months.

Synergy is a space for reflecting on the need to feel close to others and for exploring coexistence as an inherent part of life, both with other human beings and with nature. This is why so much importance is attached in this work to being in a park, surrounded by plants.

The sphere represents union, the meeting place for all humans. The halos of light are people, who come together and interact with the sphere, creating visuals that narrate these needs and emotions. And the sound, acting together with light, generates an immersive experience and conveys the importance of group and social cohesion.

Students: Catalina Ansaldi, Júlia Casaus, Marta Minguell, Sergi Monguillot, Daniela Savalli, Pol Soriano, Pol Olivares, Ana Karen Orozco, Pedro Waldenmaier.

Tutors: Mariel Fuentes, Mónica Riki, Frank Maria (coordinator), Pierino Dal Pozzo (coordinator).