Young Talent Awards 2024

Since 2014, Llum BCN has been consolidating a collaborative project with various schools in the city that incorporate a connection with light or space as a compositional element in their curricula. The participating schools come from different disciplines, including art, architecture and design in all their forms and specialities. 

In recognition of their work and dedication, the Young Talent Awards have distinguished some of the projects from the 17 schools participating in the 2024 edition. The jury of the awards consisted of Maria Buhigas, Chief Architect of the Barcelona City Council; Maria Lladó, Director of the Creation Department of the Institut Ramon Llull; Parker Heyl, artist participating in Llum BCN 24; and Laia Torrents, from Cabosanroque, a participant in Llum BCN 22.

The winners of the Young Talent Awards 2024 are as follows:

  • Category Context

    Institut del Teatre for the installation S’accepten ofrenes, cants i pregàries

    Students: Allegra Abril, Hannah Blisky, Montse Escolano, Sara Farré, Gina Moliné, Marcel Puigví, Zoe Serrano and Maria Ubach. Tutor: Marc Salicrú. 

  • Category Atmosphere

    Master Lighting Design de la UPC for the installation Desiderium

    Students: Cristina Alvarado, Anissa Bousnobra, Maximiliano Franklin, Mariandna López, Leandro Mantel, Lorena Quirarte, Marta Rodríguez, Isabela Karoline Rosa, Paola Salazar, Judit Sánchez and Genís Serra. Tutors: Mariona Benedito and Susana Barea. 

  • Category City

    ESDAPC - Campus Deià for the installation Llum verda!

    Students: Claudia Blasco, Lidia Blay, Laia Bravo, Mar Canals, Àngela Coll, Salma Mennara, Júlia Pardo and Mariana Jing Sabater. Tutors: Herminia Carulla and Xavier Pepiol. 

  • Special Mention

    UIC (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya) for the installation Loop.

    Students: Albert Ventura, Alan Portugueix, Al-Bagi Huseynov, Anna Teodora Uta, David Gaia, Diana Barnovska, Elena Gallardo, Eva Kurenkova, Gisela Cardona, Iris Bella, Keisy Juárez, Lucas Torolla, Maria Agirrezabal, Marko Jesic, Megan Struga, Nona Kadieva, Robert Carrión, Thelma Gudbrandsdottir and Zheni Stoyanova. Tutor: Iñaki Baquero.

  • Yamaha Award for Young Creative Talent

    Within the framework of Llum BCN 2024, the Yamaha Award for Young Creative Talent was also granted to a group of fifth-year Architecture students from the International University of Catalonia (UIC) for the installation of Electric Routes at the Yamaha Light Meeting Point in Plaça de Santiago Pey. This installation won the workshop organised by the Llum BCN Festival and sponsored by Yamaha last October. Students Gisela Cardona, Marko Jesic, Nona Kadieva, and Roberth Carrión, hailing from Spain, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Ecuador, respectively, were able to materialise their project and will enjoy an experience prize from the sponsoring brand.