Parc del Centre del Poblenou - Cràter


Somewhere between a behaviourist experiment and the pills featuring in Matrix, A T N proposes an experience that divides the participants into audience and players. Like a giant firefly, the project seeks to attract potential visitors with its aesthetics. Once caught, they are randomly divided into two groups. One group will have access to the heart of the project and the other will observe the events taking place inside from the outside. It will not be a direct, scrutinising gaze. Those outside will only be allowed to guess at the mystery that surrounds the visitors' actions inside the installation, to speculate about what is going on, what makes the silhouettes of the bodies behave in one way or another.

Inside, the visitor is invited to take part in a game: they need to choose between two buttons, one blue, and one red. The decision will be informed, not blind. The players will find out what the consequences of their decisions are. From the outside, all that can be seen is a dance of diffuse shadows.

STUDENTS: Arnau Aguilar, Júlia Padrissa, Clàudia Pérez, Júlia Ros and Laura Torres

TUTORS: Daniel Miracle and Albert Tarrats