Velocidad y Control


Other collaborations

Jardins de Ca l’Aranyó - c. Ciutat de Granada, 150

Yamaha Light Meeting Point

The idea behind the collective project entitled Velocidad y control comes from an in-depth analysis of the sensations generated by speed. It aims to create an adrenaline-rush experience, a blend of excitement, pleasure and energy. Interactions with users are produced under the effect of facing reflective mirrors (with a not totally opaque spy effect) which creates the illusion of an infinite light tunnel through superimposed large rings. A sequence of circles is created with programmed LED lighting limited by two large circular mirrors, which heighten even further the sense of fleeing. Two Yamaha motorcycles are framed in this vertiginous visual tunnel, which visitors can use to make their virtual crossing through this fugue structure and incorporate their own image into the visual experience. It's like a cross between science fiction — a faraway evocation of the motorcycle race from Tron — and nostalgia for the attractions of yesteryear. The installation is accessible throughout its perimeter, with a multi-directional flow.

Barbara Marshall, Amy Labastida, Elisa González-Aréchiga, Javiera González and Carolina Contreras make up this group of architects and engineers originally from Mexico and Chile, master’s students in space design and production at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC).