Retrat d'Anna Carreras i Aubet


Anna Carreras i Aubets (Barcelona, ​​1977) holds a degree in Catalan Philology, and has written several studies on the literature of the 70s and 80s, including the publication of Vicenç Altaió’s complete works of poetry.

She is the author of the book of aphorisms El cervell i les venes [Brain and Veins] and the novels Tot serà blanc [Everything Will Be White] and L’opi d’Afrodita [Aphrodite’s Opium]. She has also translated Delta of Venus, a collection of erotic stories by Anaïs Nin.

Articles by Anna Carreras i Aubet

Llibre: La casa de foc. Francesc Serés. Edicions Proa, 592 pàgines — Barcelona, 2020
The terrestrial substrate of Francesc Serés

In La casa de foc [The House of Fire], Francesc Serés immerses us in the landscape of La Garrotxa, an antediluvian and terrestrial setting that plays host to...

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