Retrat de Antón Costas


Professor of Economics at the University of Barcelona (UB). He has chaired and served on expert committees to advise governments and parliaments on public policy.

He has chaired the Círculo de Economía (2013-2017) and currently chairs the Fundación Círculo de Economía. He has published El final del desconcierto. Un nuevo contrato social para que España funcione [The End of Confusion. A New Social Contract to Make Spain Work] (2017) and La nueva piel del capitalismo [The New Skin of Capitalism], with Xosé Carlos Arias (2016).

Articles by Antón Costas

Illustration © Eva Vázquez. A number of people contemplate a temple with Greek columns. The column on the right is shaped like a dollar symbol.
Lessons from the crisisThere is an alternative, it is progressive capitalism

Is capitalism compatible with democracy and prosperity? The rise in inequalities in the early 21st century has had worrying implications in liberal democracies, which are...

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