Retrat de Brenda Chávez

Journalist specialised in sustainability and culture

Journalist with a Degree in Journalism and Law. She collaborates with the newspapers El País and El Salto, and presents the fortnightly section on sustainable consumption Consuma Crudeza [Raw Consumption] in the Carne Cruda radio programme. 

She is a member of the women’s group of consumer research journalists Carro de Combate. She has published the books Tu consumo puede cambiar el mundo [Your Consumption Can Change the World] (Península) and Al borde de un ataque de compras [On the Verge of a Shopping Spree Breakdown] (Debate).

Articles by Brenda Chávez

Il·lustració © Joan Alturo
The generational gapYoung people’s consumption and the climate crisis

Something is changing in young people’s consumption habits. The current economic situation of precariousness and the evidence of the climate crisis have heightened socio-environmental...

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