© Noemi Elias

Dance critic and cultural journalist

She writes for various publications, including Musical Catalana, Núvol, Recomana and Springback Magazine. She draws up the programme for the filmed dance seasons of the “la Caixa” Foundation. 

Moreover, she has contributed to specialised publications in the performing arts, such as the different volumes that make up the Historia de la Danza Contemporánea en España [History of Contemporary Dance in Spain].

Articles by Clàudia Brufau Bonet

Retrat de Cesc Gelabert. © Álex Losada
“Dancing is inhabiting the body with emotion and the mind”

Cesc Gelabert

At 68, Cesc Gelabert still dances and boasts the same impeccable figure he had when he began to move on the Barcelona scene in the 1970s. He would have liked to be the shaman of the...

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