PhD in Geography

He is a professor and the director of the Urbanisation Observatory at the UAB. He has been honoured with awards such as the Best Doctoral Thesis Award for Human Values in Engineering (UPC, 2004) and the Bonaplata Prize for his exhibition La fàbrica de la llum [The Factory of Light] (2014).

Muñoz has also curated other exhibitions, including the commemorative exhibition marking 30 years of democratic municipalities titled ¡Local, local! La ciudad que viene [Local, Local! The City to Come] (CCCB, 2010) and Architectures on the Waterfront (Fundació Mies van der Rohe, 2019) and has been a member of the Advisory Council of the Cerdà Year (2010). Muñoz’s published works include UrBANALización: Paisajes comunes, lugares globales [UrBANALization: Common Landscapes, Global Places] (2008) and Estratègies vers la ciutat de baixa densitat: de la contenció a la gestió [Strategies towards the Low-Density City: From Containment to Management] (2011).

Last Update: March 30, 2024

Articles by Francesc Muñoz

Il·lustració ©Rebeka Elizegi
La ciutat dels cinc milionsLa urbanització dispersa: un repte ignorat

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The Barcelona of five million encompasses not only the territory of dense and compact cities but also a...

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