Retrat de Mar Valldeoriola

Journalist and editor

Communication technician at the cooperative of lawyers Col·lectiu Ronda since 2015, where she has been a working partner since 2020. 

She has pursued her work in various media, also advising on corporate communication for groups and small organisations and has worked for more than ten years in the publishing sector. She has edited books by the alter-globalisation economist Arcadi Oliveres. 

She is a member of CooperaSec, the social and solidarity economy network in the Poble Sec neighbourhood and the cooperative athenaeum La Base. She has co-produced a number of audiovisual projects such as the documentary Temps de CanVi(e)s [the title means “Time for Changes” but plays on the name of the self-managed social centre Can Vies, partially demolished and rebuilt by the local community].

Articles by Mar Valldeoriola

Llibre: Paraules d’Arcadi. Què hem après del món i com podem actuar. Arcadi Oliveres. Angle Editorial, 170 pàgines — Barcelona, 2021
The legacy of Arcadi Oliveres, the peaceful economist

Paraules d’Arcadi [Arcadi’s Words] is his last book, which I have had the privilege of editing. A compendium of concepts to gain a better understanding of...

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