Retrat de Meri Torras Francés

Lecturer in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature

Meri Torras Francès is a lecturer in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where she leads the Body and Textuality research group and coordinates the bachelor’s degree in Socio-Cultural Gender Studies.

Her main research areas include body studies, cultural studies, feminist and queer studies, theories of self-writing, (self-)representation theories, and the epistolary genre in literary analysis practice with a comparative methodology, in dialogue with other fields and disciplines.

Articles by Meri Torras Francés

Llibre: Mamut. Eva Baltasar (Club Editor, 2022)
A triptych without a name or a full stop

Mamut completes the trilogy of novels written by Eva Baltasar, following Permagel (Club Editor, 2018, published in English as Permafrost by And Other Stories, 2021) and Boulder...

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