Barcelona, 1969. Editor-in-chief of Culture in La Vanguardia

Author of books such as Aquellos años del boom [Those Boom Years], La vuelta al mundo en 80 escritores [Around the World in Eighty Writers] and Rebeldía de Nobel [Nobel’s Rebelliousness]. Scriptwriter of the documentaries La clàusula Balcells [The Balcells Clause] and Jorge Herralde. Anagrama de un editor [on Jorge Herralde, founder of the Anagrama publishing house] for TVE.

Portrait: © Llibert Teixidó

Articles by Xavi Ayén

Pierre Lemaitre. The musketeer of literature

Few people in the world are as clear about things as the Frenchman Pierre Lemaitre (Paris, 1951). As if he were a Napoleon of literature or a resurrected Dumas, his...

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