Retrat de  Xavier Martínez-Celorrio

Professor of Sociology at the University of Barcelona, specialised in education, equality and social mobility

Advisor to the Government of Spain’s Minister of Education and Vocational Training (2018-19) and collaborator with the Jaume Bofill Foundation. Researcher within the framework of the Creativity, Innovation and Urban Transformation (CRIT) research group at the University of Barcelona. 

His publications include Innovación y equidad educativa [Innovation and Equity in Education] (2019), Crisis y movilidad social: cómo reactivar el ascensor social [Crisis and Social Mobility: How to Revive the Social Ladder] (2017) and Educació i mobilitat social a Catalunya [Education and Social Mobility in Catalonia] (2010).

Articles by Xavier Martínez-Celorrio

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New vulnerabilitiesVulnerable and demodernising futures

The weak post-crisis recovery has left a polarised scenario in its wake, with an evident impoverishment of the middle and working classes. Digitisation will continue to alter the...

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