Educational services


A new educational service was launched in 2018, when the Museum celebrated the 70th anniversary of its official opening on 25 November 1948. It was accompanied by a new range of activities, including guided tours, animated visits, workshop visits and itineraries designed for every kind of visitor, from school children to families and the general public, thereby opting for the broadest sense of the educational term, non-exclusive of the school-education community.

The Museu Frederic Marès, the largest collector museum in Barcelona and Catalonia, conserves, studies and disseminates items from the Sculpture and Collector's Cabinet which Frederic Marès (1893-1991) donated to Barcelona.

Since it opened, the Museum has been a benchmark in the field of sculpture and collecting. And our aim with this new range of educational activities is to introduce its collections to a diverse public, adapting their contents to the specific needs of different visitors.

As regards school children, we are offering three activities during this school year (2018-19) that are designed for third and fourth-year primary students and. especially, secondary school students, which are designed to stimulate active and participatory learning. The activities are intended to complement curricular studies based on learning through work on values, such as gender inequality, sexist roles in the world of toys and inter-generational dialogue between children and adults.

As regards the general public, the activities proposed range from guided tours of the Museum’s sections (Sculpture and the Collector’s Cabinet) for more conventional groups to a broader examination of the collections through literature, collecting and aesthetics, while not forgetting to promote Frederic Marès’s interest in public sculpture through a street itinerary that continues outside the building.

Finally, our activity programme features two activities for families, as well as the general public, adapted from one of the school workshops and the itinerary which highlights Frederic Marès’s mark on Barcelona.

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2018-2019 Museu Frederic Marès Educational Activities Guide