Documentation and research center

The Documentation and Research Centre conserves important benchmark heritage collections surrounding the figure of the sculptor and collector Frederic Marès (1893 – 1991). It is a space that is integrated into the Museum and encompasses the documentary bibliographic collections along with images.

The Centre is currently immersed in a new project that aims to share and disseminate its collections and make it a benchmark centre among experts and the public interested in the topic.

Its collecions contain a vast trove of information ready to contribute to research and knowledge of the topics on which the Museum is a referent in Catalonia – such as the artistic-cultural life and fine arts education in Barcelona – and in Spain, including art collecting in the 20th century, the world of antiques and the history of Spanish sculpture, among others.

Frederic Marès’ personal collection is the backbone of the Centre and what gives it a unique identity. It allows us to associate the works and heritage objects from the collections with the context and the artistic, social and intellectual time in which Marès lived.

The collections by personalities from the world of culture such as the writer and illustrator Eveli Bulbena and the playwright and journalist Conrad Roure spring from this context related to Marès, as do the collections from entities like the Sant Jordi Fine Arts Academy, the San Fernando Royal Fine Arts Academy and the Sant Lluc Artistic Circle

After almost 70 years, the Museu Frederic Marès conserves and updates the Museum’s collection to allow us to trace the history and evolution of the institution.

Reservations are needed to access each of the collections.