Documentation background

The Museum's fonds of written materials is in the process of being classified, inventoried and digitised. The first documents from the correspondence received from the Frederic Marès fronds began to be recorded and inventoried towards the end of 2014. This process culminated in 2018 with the launch of the online catalogue featuring over 4,000 letters from Frederic Marès’s correspondence with the institutions.

Frederic Marès’s personal fonds makes up the original core of all the Museum's documentary materials, as well as the most extensive and diverse one. It consists of personal documents, correspondence, several academic and other personal and family fonds, such as those of the writer and draughtsman Eveli Bulbena (1888-1960) and the journalist Conrad Roure (1841-1928).

We also conserve the fonds of Dolors Farró (1948-1998), the Museu Frederic Marès's former director, and that of the family of sculptors Antoni Ramon González, Ermenter Vélez Valls and Concepció Vélez Serra.