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Christmas showcase of the Museum courtyard

Group of kings with pages by Domènec Talarn (1812-1902) of Associació de Pessebristes de Barcelona collection.

Domènec Talarn, author of these Three Kings with the pages, was an outstanding sculptor and nativist artist in nineteenth-century in Catalonia. He trained at the School of Fine Arts of Barcelona, where he was a pupil of the sculptor Damià Campeny.
One of the main characteristics of its nativity figures, beyond its beauty and sensibility, was the Eastern, Hebrew clothing that they used instead of the Catalan folk clothing. He was the initiator in our country of the historicist school. He was a professor of drawing and had a great influence on several artists, including Marià Fortuny, Joan Roig, Agustí Querol, Enric Serra and Linus Fèlix.
The Frederic Marès Museum conserves in its collection three works attributed to Domènec Talarn.

Dates: friday, 23th november 2018 to sunday 3, febrery 2019

Place: Courtyard of Frederic Marès Museum

Schedule: of the courtyard

Organitzed: Frederic Marès Museum